I began to pay Hearthstone — the Blizzard card game about 2 years ago. During these 2 years, the game brought me a lot of laughter and tears. Sometimes a miracle comeback made me so excited that I screamed out; Sometimes  I was amazed by something with really low chance to happen. Of course...

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My memories about the AIVD course

Ten days passed so quickly.During this ten-day course,I really learned a lot.I think it changed me from only playing games to learning to make games.I learned how to program,how to design games and make AIs.I learned the importance of teamwork.The most important is that I learned to communicate I knew...


Thank you,Benjamin Prunty

Yesterday,a composer,Benjamin Prunty,gave us a talk.He told us something about music for games.We learned that his inspiration could come from anywhere at any time,even when taking a shower.I have learned that if you had a good idea,you may have to write it down.

Thank you,Benjamin Prunty!


Final project

Twine is a software with which you can use your imagination to create your own story and even your game!You can set choices that lead to different next steps.These are the basic part of the game.

What  advanced features we use:

1.random things:Actually this isn't quite so advanced.We just use...

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Thank you,Dave Mark

Today an expert in AI,Dave Mark,gave us a talk.Thanks for sparing some time.He gave us some advice on AI.I've learned that when making an AI,you must make it believable and make the players think that the character really act as it should do.For example,your enemy may feel scared and try to flee...


Our board game

Today I made a board game with Samuel and Frank.It is a little bit strange.You need to destory enemy's wall as well as core to win the game.You can send different types of soldiers and even elemental lords to fight.You can use spells,too.We even have some soldiers with abilities -- fire,water and wood...


My Cellular Automata program

Today I made a Cellular Automata program with Processing.It will fill the 81 circles with black and white randomly first.Then it can change the colours of the circles depending on the colours of the circles around it.The circle will turn white if  there is either too many white circles or black...


Thank you,Noah Falstein

Today the Chief Game Designer of Google gave us a talk.Thanks for sparing some time!We also asked some questions as usual.We've learned the changes of game industry in the past few decades.There are a lot more people making games now than before.We also learn something about working at Google and...



  1. Twine Projects

    Twine is a software with which you can make games with stories.Players need to make choices.It is interesting because you can use your infinite imagination to create your own story.

  2. Processing Animations

    Processing is actually a programming tool.It can draw pictures however.You can...


My piskel animation

I made an animation with Piskel today.It is a peashooter in the game Plants v.s. Zombies.It is shaking its stem,just like it in the game.Maybe it looks a bit strange and funny,but I like it very much.


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